~~ Learning Time ~~ Horseback Riding !!!

Beside studying in school, I also learn about animals outside too. 😀 I have learn many sports like bow and arrow and ice skating but my most favorite is horse riding. Learning horse riding is not very difficult much. Why I like horseback riding, because beside learning, you can even communicate with animals, learn not to be scare of height. And also be more flexible. I learn horseback riding with my  friend Ella. 😛 Every Friday, we spent many hours learning horseback riding. We learn so much about horseback riding. Last time, I learn horseback riding, and I fell down, and I was not hurt or scare at all, when falling from a horse, you will not be scare and you will have more experience. Every time we learn horse back riding, we also exercise on the horse, which make it more flexible, because we have to reach to touch our shoes while riding a horse. Anyway Ella and I also get to take care of our horses. We learn the different between a horse and a cow, not by the texture and size but by how to puke, horse usually don’t puke or vomit but cows do ! We also have clothing for riding horse too. I love learning horseback riding, its help me communicates with horses, by communicating, I don’t mean talk face to face, I meant understanding the way they act. Vietnam don’t have big, green fields for riding horse, which is uncool. I prefer learning horseback riding in America more, because they have big, green fields. I decide to go live in America and own a horse when I am 18th years old. I like white horse and name it Pegasus ! 😛 Learning horseback riding is not hard. If I can do it, so do you ! 😀


7 thoughts on “~~ Learning Time ~~ Horseback Riding !!!”

  1. Julie,
    I also horseback ride and that was one of the many things I learned outside of school too! I ride many horses and horseback riding is one of my favorite sports.


  2. Hi Julie,
    I really liked your post on Learning time Horseback Riding. I live on a dairy farm and I have one horse, but I don’t get to ride him much, his name is bingo.
    I also learn many things outside of school too. One thing I do in the summer is show dairy cattle at one of the county fairs. Well keep up the good bloging
    -Jessica L 🙂

  3. Cool. I love horses but I never rode a horse before. But I’m really good at archery and no none in my class is better then me (even the guys that hunt). 🙂

  4. omg u learn archery 🙂 me tooo, oh i love archery and horse it sooo cool, but it very hard to do it at the same time, like riding a horse while shooting bows, hard 🙂 but fun

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