!!! The most proud of in life, that make me glow with pride !!!

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The most proud of in my life was when my dog borned poodle puppies. That was my most proud of. I was so happy and so surprised. The puppies were so cute and smart. There are three of them, 2 boys and 1 girl. They were borned on February 17, a month before my birthday.  Let me introduc to you their names, the big brother is Hachi (short for Hachiko), the second one is the middle sister, her name is Chibi, and the last one is the smallest and also a boy, his name is Bisa. They are very smart. Everytime I went home tiring and when I saw them, I am not tired anymore. I got to played with them, teached, and took cared of them. Everyday, they grew bigger and bigger. They learn how to walk, eat and drink. When one month have past, my family tooked them to the vet and gave them shot so that they could be healthier and not get sick from virus. They are very funny, Hachi sometimes played with his parent foods and water, he kept putting his paws in the bowl and play with them. When he is hot, he always played with the bowl of water. His sister Chibi is very shy but smart, when it is time to put them in the cage, Chibi always know and ran away to hide. Bisa is the smallest one, and he is very small but he is also smart too. He like to play with his brother and sister and also his parent. Sometimes, three of them always play together, eat together and fight together. And now they are 2 months and a half years old and very very very big. DOGS ARE FRIENDS NOT FOODS!!! Many people eat dog’s meat, i hate people who do that, so, if you dog’s eater are reading this then, CURSE YOU FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND GENERATION!!!

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