Long time no Chat

Bonjour everybody 🙂

Its been so long, i didnt post anything, like really anything, nothing at all, well now i am going to change that cuz guess what? i just post something which is this haha 🙂 just messing with y’all. So how’s life? my life is fine, very fine, but some of my friends life is not that good, i have soo many problem to solve, but pretty much… I like this right here~ (If you know Cody Simpson, you know what i mean when i say: I like this right here~) you might think when i say that, you think that i might think that you would think that we all think that i am a fan of Cody Simpson, well im not, not like a HUGE fan, but i like his music, and his video, hes a great singer :)Who in here know Greyson Chance? well i do haha 🙂 i like Greyson Chance, he’s funny, good singer, talented and lots of people say… cute 🙂 well for me, he’s cool 🙂 so i was thinking, in regard to this past few months i didnt blog, how about we play a celebrity game, each week, i will post some celebrities and you guys need to guess who they are 🙂 and also tell me what fan of a celebrity are you 🙂 i miss you guys soo much 🙂 well gotta go, nice chatting with you all 🙂 love you all 🙂 bon voyage 🙂


Count Out Three

This is a blog that i comment and there is one interesting thing that i like, it is that there is a post about Justin Bieber. I comment to the post that i think was interesting to me  http://kalipro11.edublogs.org/

There is also a website that i found in other people post. There is a post that talk about angry birds. The person i comment is name David. I comment him, telling him that i think angry birds is cute!                                                                                                        http://davidpro11.edublogs.org/2011/11/22/my-favoriter-app/#comment-25

Also, this girl, i like a post a lot. Her post talk about horses which i love horse. Her name is Anna, she is from Iowa. She love riding horse, same as me. Her post is really interesting. http://annasscs17.edublogs.org/2012/04/23/beautiful-pics-that-describe-my-life/#comment-34

~~ Learning Time ~~ Horseback Riding !!!

Beside studying in school, I also learn about animals outside too. 😀 I have learn many sports like bow and arrow and ice skating but my most favorite is horse riding. Learning horse riding is not very difficult much. Why I like horseback riding, because beside learning, you can even communicate with animals, learn not to be scare of height. And also be more flexible. I learn horseback riding with my  friend Ella. 😛 Every Friday, we spent many hours learning horseback riding. We learn so much about horseback riding. Last time, I learn horseback riding, and I fell down, and I was not hurt or scare at all, when falling from a horse, you will not be scare and you will have more experience. Every time we learn horse back riding, we also exercise on the horse, which make it more flexible, because we have to reach to touch our shoes while riding a horse. Anyway Ella and I also get to take care of our horses. We learn the different between a horse and a cow, not by the texture and size but by how to puke, horse usually don’t puke or vomit but cows do ! We also have clothing for riding horse too. I love learning horseback riding, its help me communicates with horses, by communicating, I don’t mean talk face to face, I meant understanding the way they act. Vietnam don’t have big, green fields for riding horse, which is uncool. I prefer learning horseback riding in America more, because they have big, green fields. I decide to go live in America and own a horse when I am 18th years old. I like white horse and name it Pegasus ! 😛 Learning horseback riding is not hard. If I can do it, so do you ! 😀


Art / Music / Music

Hello, this is my week 7 activity 😀 For this week, i choose three kind of creativity. I choose ART, MUSIC, and WRITING.

For the art, i choose the website that is call http://thisissand.com/ . This is game is very easy, you just need to make a art work using sand.

Using the picture below, you can see the sand picture guide

Here is my sand picture 😀



  For the second one, I choose Music. In all of the link I like in Music, I

choose http://toytheater.com/music.php because it show the basic and kind of like a funny way to become a composer

The picture below show you that the 4 choices that you want to make music, like composer.


The third one is also music, but not the kind that have like rhythm, this one is the kind of an avatar talking.

Here is the link: http://www.voki.com/create.php

!!! Spring Break !!!

!!! Hola !!! How are you guys, having fun? Well I did. For spring break, i went to my friends and my BEST FRIENDS house and we just hang out. We went to each others house and we also went shopping at Crescent Mall, it was fuuuuuuuuun !!!!!! We took lots of pictures, I bet you wanna see it, well hold on 😀 My spring break was fun, how about yours? I bet that your spring break is fun too 😀 So let’s enjoy the pictures


BY black_katxx (me)







Justin Bieber just got slimed. After receiving the award for FAVORITE SINGER at the Kids’ Choice Awards on March 31, 2012, Will Smith announced that Justin is the person most fans wanted to see slimed. This has got to be the record for the most slime ever used on any one person.



Justin Bieber just release his new hit single BOYFRIEND. Check it OUT !